PC290083It all started from a trip to Lancaster P.A going to our favorite shop. Having building in my back round , as we were talking to the shop owner she asked us if we could build a few pieces of furniture for her store. So I went back home to N.J and came up with a few things to take back up to Lancaster, shelves, cupboard a side table. She loved everything it sold in one weekend and she asked if I would build some more for the next week. My wife and I love coming up with new things to build. I do all the building and my wife does the finishing work along with me, caring to give age to each and every piece. It has not been easy, trying at times but we keep pushing forward because we love primitives and love what we do and the way this furniture makes your surroundings feel in a home ! Thank you   Andy and Helen Here we all are hard at work , it is definitely a family affair . Our two boys are always lending a hand in all we do !